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What is Zeolite? It is the amazing clay that absorbs and removes nuclear radiation poisoning: it was used at Chernobyl and Fukishima



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Zeolite and Radiation Exposure Protection


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A Natural Clay that absorbs nuclear radiation

What is radiation poisoning? Why is Zeolite, a natural healing clay that has been used for 800 years in Asia and Russia, being used as a therapy for radiation sickness?

Discover what are zeolites treatments that are now being discovered in California and elsewhere in the USA

Zeolite is used for protection from radiation exposure sickness




When the Chernobyl nuclear accident happened, the Russian government spread 500,000 tons of clay zeolite over the irradiated site to absorb radiation. It also gave capsules of zeolite to the school children who lived in the area most exposed to radiation for protection. Wikipedia also says that at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear accident site, zeolite was spread around the accident site to absorb radiation.

So there is a basis in fact that the natural clay that is known as zeolite is considered an effective protection in absorbing nuclear radiation. For some 800 years zeolite has been well known in Asia and Russia as a naturally occurring clay that, as a folk medicine, has a wide range of health beneficial uses. It is used to detoxify the body, absorb and remove heavy metals, remove chemical toxins, balance the body's ph, defeat disease causing viruses, strengthening the immune system, and removing free-radicals from the body. Less well known was zeolite's ability to absorb and remove harmful radiation from the body. Now, with the proliferation of nuclear accident around the planet, people are recognizing zeolite's abilities in this regard.

What is zeoilite, and how does it work? Zeolite is a special clay that was formed millions of years ago when certain types of volcanic rock were exposed to sea water. It is found in underground deposits, and is mined in open pits. There are zeolite mines in several Western states in the USA, including Washington and Texas. The zeolite molecule has a distinct cage-like structure that combines with its strong positive electrical charge to enable it to attract itself to harmful toxins and poisons. It traps the harmful molecule in its cage-like structure where the harmful substance is then expelled from the body naturally.

Many people take zeolite internally to maintain themselves in good health and to periodically rid their bodies of accumulated harmful substances and toxins. It is also reported that zeolite also works effectively on harmful nuclear radiation isotopes, isolating and removing them from your body.


My Discovery

I took zeolite to detoxify my body. To my amazement, I also began to lose weight! The stubborn belly fat that had refused to come off with diets and exercise now began to disappear. I was elated. I began to research what was causing this wonderful change in my body. What was happening, I discovered, was the five daily capsules of zeolite that I was taking were causing accumulated deposits on the wall of my colon to peel away and pass out of my body. The absorbing qualities of the zeolite had caused it to attach itself to the toxins and chemicals that were stored in the waste deposits that were on the walls of my colon.

 The presence of the zeolite clay caused the deposits to peel off the wall of my colon. With the deposits gone my colon was free to function as it was meant to. The nutrition from my digested food could now freely pass through the walls of my colon, be absorbed in my blood stream, and be carried to the cells of my body to nourish my body. Properly nourished, my body no longer sent out the message, "eat more", and I was thus losing weight.

It may seem strange to consume clay. But a check of folk medicine history will reveal that small doses of clay and other forms of earth have been used as a medicine by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Even the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce proposed consuming small doses of clay as a healing therapy. And Wikipedia describes clay as a folk medicine. Go to your favorite search engine and type in "clay as a medicine" and see what happens! The US government agency FDA has even classified zeolite as "Generally Recognized As Safe".

My purpose in telling you all this is to explain why I was confident that zeolite worked effectively on the body. Now with the available information that zeolite also is effective at absorbing nuclear radiation, I am taking my zeolite to protect myself from the nuclear radiation that is being spread worldwide by the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.




Our Product

We are making available packets of 100 capsules of powdered clay zeolite. The clay comes from a zeolite mine in the state of Washington. Each capsule contains 800 mg of zeolite. Many people are reportedly taking up to 5 of these capsules daily. You will probably wish to adjust your own particular dosage to fit the requirements of your body. Most people start with 2 capsules daily, taken at any time of the day, and gradually working up to a daily dosage that is comfortable for them.

Other Products

A number of websites offer liquid zeolite. We see no particular advantage in using a liquified form of zeolie, except that it offers them the chance to charge an inflated price for their product. We are a bit dismayed to see the higher prices for many of the zeolite products that are offered. After all, zeolite is just a clay. Several of the zeolite mines only offer it for sale by the ton!

Zeolite is also sold as a powder. This is how I started buying it. But it tastes awful. The powder is gritty and difficult to swallow. So I started putting the powder in capsules. When I realized that no one else was offering zeolite in capsules, I decided to start this website.

It is our intention to offer you a good product at a fair price.


Our Price:

We sell a packet of 100 capsules of zeolite for $19.95. Shipping and handling is $4.95. Thus the total price to you is $24.90.


Additional Information:

There is a pleuthora of information about zeolite that is available on the Internet. If you wish additional information about zeolite, I suggest that you go to your favorite search engine ( I use "bing.com") and type in the search words "zeolite, radiation protection". A whole world of information will open up to you. Please do your own Internet research, as we wish for you to verify and to be comfortable with the information that we have presented here.


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Radiation poisoning and therapy may become important in California and elsewhere. The Fukushima nuclear radiation poisoning that is spread worldwide by global wind patterns may spread radiation sickness worldwide. Protection from radiation poisoning and treatment is needed. Radiation detectors are finding radiation sickness widespread. What is zeolite? What are zeolites? What is radiation sickness? We provide the answers. Buy your radiation protection clay here in easy to swallow capsules.


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