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This may be the most important article that a loving owner of Pugs,  Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, Pit Bulls, Terriers and other dogs could ever read. Does this sound not believable? Just wait and see! This information is not for pugs, beagles, cocker spaniels, terriers, pit bulls and other dog owners who have are faint of heart, nor is it for the Beagles, Pi Bulls, Cocker Spaniels, Terriers dog lovers who cannot think outside of the box. But this info is for the pug or other dog owner who really want to his or her dogs or puppies to be young for as long as possible, and to improve dog life expectancy. It is for the open-minded pug or other dog lover who is willing to concede that there are still some secrets to dogs lifespan and canine longevity. We know that there is a solution for increased lifespan and older dogs problems. Searching for dogs names and pictures of pugs, beagles, cocker spaniels, pit bulls and terriers are not enough. Read this website first.

It took special people to once consider that perhaps the world was not flat, perhaps man could fly, perhaps there was a cure for polio. Now we ask you, the caring pug or other dog owners to consider that perhaps there is a way to reverse your dogs aging process, perhaps there is a way to restore youthfulness, extend lifespan and longevity and make your pet pugs, pit bulls, and other dogs younger, and to reverse the aging process for your pugs, terriers and cocker spaniels.  Find names and pictures of your pugs,  terriers, beagles, cocker spaniels,  pit bulls, and other dogs elsewhere; get your vital knowledge here.

For you see, this is information was rediscovered about twenty years ago, but its use to maintain pet dogs,  terriers, beagles, cocker spaniels, pit bulls, and pugs health and youthfulness is still pretty much unknown. So if you are a terrier, pug, beagle, cocker spaniel, or other dog owner who wants your pet to be beautiful for many more years, please give us a chance to explain things to you. We say that this anti aging information was "rediscovered" because the ancients knew this information. At various times it was referred to as manna (the bible), shewbread (The ancient Egyptians), and the Philosopher Stone (the middle ages). Sound wild? Are you brave enough to stick with us? We will discuss this more in a minute.

I know how many of you feel right now. Shock, disbelief and skepticism have set in. But please bear with me. I don’t ask for you to believe me. I do ask that you keep an open mind; I do ask that you listen now to what I have to say. Should you not believe me, you can always discard this information later. But if you do not listen to my message, you do not have the opportunity to benefit, to learn how to regain your pet dogs or puppies youth, health and beauty, how to reverse the aging process, and how to get the sharp, focused and alert mind that your pug or pit bull had as a puppy.

Our Experience

Our poodle-cocker-mix Sabrina is 19 years old. Five years ago she began to fade away. It was obvious her life span was finished. We love her dearly. She was a wonderful, loving and supportive companion to my wife before we met. So we were desperate to help our loving and loyal friend. I gave Sabrina some of the formula that I had recently been made aware of that is reported to extend the life span and renew health. I am seventy years old, and I was taking it myself.  After two years I was impressed with the results that I thought that I was seeing.

But when I gave it to Sabrina, I forgot that pet dogs age seven times faster than we do. Therefore, as we found out to our wonderment and amazement, dogs also get younger seven times faster than we do. The formula acted on Sabrina much faster. Within weeks we noticed a definite change in Sabrina. She acted livelier, had more energy, and began to follow my wife around the house again. We got tremendous amusement out of the fact that Sabrina, who in her youth had the obnoxious habit of humping peoples legs, began to hump my wifes leg again with a definite regularity. My wife teased me that I had overdosed her 14 year-old pet dog with my youth tonic. I wryly replied that I anxiously awaited the moment when it would act on me the same way!

So now my wife and I are elated that she will have her pet dog around for a lot longer. And I am also elated because I have now had a chance to see, due to our poodles rapid rejuvenation, that the rejuvenating formula really works.

Sabrina, 19 years-old

The Bible Speaks of It

I know that all of this sounds unbelievable. Right now I am struggling as to how to convince you that this information about your pet dogs health is true and valid. So I will jump to something that we all believe in, the bible. Sometimes great truths are hidden right out in the open.

The old testament talks about how, during the Exodus, Moses went up into the mountains to pray for 40 days. See Exodus, Chapter 32; 1-35. When Moses came down, he found that the people had made a golden calf and they were worshipping the golden calf. The bible says that an angry Moses seized the golden calf and burned it, and he then fed the burnt gold to the people. Also, later, during their sojourn through the deserts, the bible says that Moses fed the people a substance that they called "manna", and it sustained them during their time of travail.

This story of Moses, told to me since I was a child, never made sense. You do not burn gold, you melt it. And you cannot feed molten gold to anybody. But, as did everyone else, I never sought to question the bible.

Now, after the years that I have spent researching this subject, I know that Moses had been raised by the Pharoh's daughter and had access to many of the teachings of the high-ranking Egyptian priests. He had learned their secret of processing gold to extract a white powder that was a powdered monatomic form of gold. This white powder of gold is assimilated by people, and it will renew their DNA in order to reestablish  men’s or women’s youthful beauty, health and vigor. It will do the same for your dogs problems.

How and Why We Age

There you have it. This is our anti aging secret. To understand completely, you have to know how we and our pet dogs age. Our bodies are made up of millions of cells. Each cell in a person has a life of about seven years. So, every seven years or so, each cell in a person is replaced by a new cell. Within each cell is something that we know as DNA. This DNA is the blueprint for that cell. So when it is time for a new cell to form, the DNA strand within the old cell tells the new cell how to grow. It, in effect, is the blueprint for what the new cell is supposed to look like. So, using this blueprint, the new cell grows up and replaces the dying cell. When you are a young person or dog, the older cell in your body is still in good shape, and its DNA blueprint of what it should be is still very accurate. So the blueprint that it shows to the new growing replacement cell is very accurate, and this the new cell will grow up to look like, and be just like the older cell. Thus young people and dogs continue to look young and healthy, as their bodies are continually replenished with cells that are young and vibrant.

But as we age things change. A mature person’s or dog’s situation is not the same. His or hers body has, over the years, been subjected to the harshness of life. Each of us has been subjected to the stresses of life. Our dogs and puppies are also bombarded constantly with toxins in their dog food, and in the air they breathe. Lack of sufficient rest and relaxation also take a toll in people. Emotional strain affects us all, both people and our pets. All of these elements tend to damage the DNA strand that is in each cell of each person’s or dog’s body.

Thus it is that older dog’s bodies are different that the bodies of puppies and younger dogs. For when it is time for an aging cell in an older mature dog’s body to be replaced, the blueprint that the newly forming cell will need to use as a guide as to what it should look and be like has been damaged. Damaged by accumulated toxins and poisons, emotional stress and exhaustion, the older pet dog’s DNA gives a less-than-perfect blueprint of what the new cell should like. Thus the new cell is not quite like the cell that it has replaced. It is less vibrant and healthy. Thus your pet dog’s aging sets in.

This, in short, is why people and dogs age.

The Discovery

So how does this relate to the information that I desire to pass along to you? Well, what mankind discovered long ago, back in ancient times, has been rediscovered. It has been rediscovered that there is a special substance that is extracted from certain precious metals, and certain types of sea water. This substance performs the function of renewing and rebuilding the damaged strands of DNA in a mature older man or woman or their pet dog.

In 1988 a wealthy Arizona cotton farmer by the name of David Hudson set out to analyze the soils on some of his cotton farms. He knew that the Spaniards had mined gold on these lands, and he sought to find out if there were any remaining precious metal deposits. So he sent samples of his soils in to laboratories for analysis. In the resulting chemical and spectrographic analysis, a substance was discovered that did not to seem to fit into the modern table of elements. After much further study, it was determined that they had stumbled upon a yet-as-unknown substance. Eventually he realized that he had rediscovered the material that had been known by the ancients for its ability to restore youthfulness and vitality.

David Hudson’s full and amazing story is too long to repeat here. But if you choose to "google" on "David Hudson", or "Ormus" or "Ormes", or "White powder of gold" a whole new world of anti aging information will open up to you.

I have spent years researching this subject. I have, for several years now, experimented with making certain forms of the element. I have been taking one form or another of the substance for some two years. I am seventy years old. I have watched in amazement as my gray hair turned black again, and how the lines and wrinkles in my face have disappeared. I also wonder at the way my memory has improved, and how I now realize that my mind is as sharp as it ever was, maybe even sharper. I relish in showing people a photo that was taken of me when I was 57 years old (thirteen years ago), and compare it with a photo that was taken last year. I look younger and healthier in the photo that was taken last year. And now that our fifteen-year-old Sabrina has regained her youth, we proudly show her to our friends as evidence of how effective our discovery is.

But how do you tell people of something that is so unbelievable? I have tried many times. It is difficult. It is discouraging. And I don’t particularly blame the people who give me a blank stare and walk off. It does seem unbelievable.

But then I am reminded of the story of penicillin, the first antibiotic. Penicillin was first discovered in 1893. But nobody would try it because it seemed too unbelievable. It was too good to be true. For fifty years no one would try it. Then in 1943, during the medical emergencies of WWII, out of desperation it was tried. It worked! And it, and the other antibiotic medicines that have followed, have changed our lived dramatically.

Well, the open-minded loving pet dog and pug, terriers, pit bulls, beagles, cocker spaniels, and other owners who read this blurb may just well be like the first brave souls who tried penicillin. These dog owners will be trendsetters. They will be pioneers along with the few others of us who have taken advantage of this wonderful anti aging discovery.

And thank you for listening to my story. If you have gotten to this part of my write-up, I am sure that you are a brave and open-minded person.

Our Pitch. 

Okay, you ask. What are we selling? Normally we are selling a booklet that tells you everything that you will need to know about this discovery that restores aging pets health. But today we are giving it away for free!

We will, from now on, refer to this newly rediscovered element as "Ormus" Ormus is an abbreviation for the term "orbitally rearranged elements of rhodium and irridium that exist in the presence of gold". This is more technical than we need to be, so we shall call it "Ormus" for short.

Our booklet will give you:

1. A short but complete history of the material, from ancient times to the present.

2. The story of its rediscovery.

3. The various modern ways of making it.

4. Good and reliable sources where you can order it on the Internet.

5. Our recommended ways of making it ( easily and at very little cost).

6. Complete written references so that, if you wish, you can check out our research.

Our book normally sells for $6.95. But I am now offering it for free.  God has recently blessed me and I am passing along to you this blessing.

Why do we sell this incredibly valuable information for free? Because we can. Because we are anxious to share our newfound discovery with you. Also because we are mavericks and we feel that no one should profit too much off of this discovery! We feel that God would want as many people as possible to have access to this wonderful information. You, too, can then pass it on.

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