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Be happy alone in life. Understand the principles of being happy without a man and when others are suffering.


How can I be Happy? How can you be happy again? I think I have an answer


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Here is how you can get happy.

We all want to be happy again. A friend of mine made a wonderful discovery. He discovered how to make his office staff happier. It was done inadvertently when he hooked up a certain water healing device to the water pipes of the office.

 Please listen to this story. It does make sense. His water healing device imparted energies of love and harmony to the water coming into the office pipes. The purpose was to assist the people to be healthier. But what he discovered is that the positive vibrations added to the water also made his staff happier. Be happy from the water?

 Hey, Einstein discovered that the atoms that make up the entire universe are themselves made up of vibrations. So it does make sense that even emotions are affected by vibrations (frequencies).

 Here is how my happy friend explained it: “I hooked up a Masaru Emoto-type healing device to the water line coming into my office. It serves the kitchen. The idea was to offer “structured water” with natural healing qualities as a bonus to the wonderful people who work with me. But about three months later, I began to notice something very interesting. There was a harmony and peacefulness to the office that hadn’t been there before. Everyone was happy, all the time. Some were happy without a man at home. Others were happy in life, even when others were suffering. I was happy with myself. I questioned each person in some detail, trying to understand this change. Then I figured it out. It was the water. My healing device had changed their drinking and cooking water by giving it extra positive vibrations of love and harmony. This had then affected them. I didn’t tell anyone what I discovered. I just quietly smiled to myself, and wondered if the water had also made me happy alone? Come to think of it, I had been quite happy recently!”

 So if you have stuck with me to this point, I’d like to now tell you about structured water. Please know that I am not trying to sell you anything. As a matter of fact, I am going to give you full details FOR FREE on how you can install a similar device in your home.

I remember when the Internet was full of “free stuff”. I miss those days. Anyway, I am going to give this valuable information to you for free. So you and your loved ones can be happy!

Here is the background to my discovery:

1.      In the 1980s a chemist, Jim Sheridan, working for the Dow Chemical Company  in Midland, Michigan, decided to seek a chemical cure for cancer. Working alone, and on his spare time, he made considerble progress. But he was consistently thwarted by his inability to get governmental approvals for his work. Eventually he brought in another friend to assist him named Ed Sopcak. Ed was an electrical engineer. Unable to make Jim's method work, Ed undertook another approach. He sought an electrical approach. Eventually he was successful, and they developed a liquid that they called Cancell.

      To avoid problems with the government, they decided to give their healing liquid away for free. They set up a separate telephone line to receive orders. I attempted to place an order as soon as I heard about this. But the line was always busy. Apparently business was good! Eventually I got through, and they dutifully sent me my free clear liquid remedy.

      But disaster struck. Even though they were giving their remedy away for free, the government shut them down. Lest you doubt my story, a book on amazon.com, “The Cancell Controversy” by Louise B. Trull tells the whole story. Several years later Ed Sopcak , although less than fifty years old, died somewhat mysteriously. So it appeared that his discovery had died with him.

      But not so. Researchers established that he had removed the memory from water and then imparted energies of love and healing to the water. Thus this positively energized water interrupted the negative energy patterns of disease, disabling it so that the body’s own immune system could eradicate the disease.

      What? Water has memory? This is esoteric stuff. Never heard that before. And the knowledge died with Ed Sopcak.

      But not so.

2.   Ten years later a Japanese scientist by the name of Masaru Emoto made an amazing discovery. He flash froze water molecules. He then photographed each water molecule as it went from the liquid state to the solid state. He also experimented. He found that when he spoke to the freezing water molecule, it affected the shape of the molecule. If he said positive things, such as “I love you” to the water molecule, it transformed into a beautiful white crystalline shape, similar to that of a snowflake. If he spoke harshly, saying “I hate you”, the water molecule shriveled and became dark.  Dr. Emoto was rediscovering that water does hold memory and appears to have a consciousness. Weird stuff.

      He wrote a book about his discovery, complete with pictures, and it became a New York Time’s bestseller! “The Hidden Messages in Water”, available on amazon.com, became a worldwide sensation. There is also much information on the Internet about this structured water discovery.

3.    So I now knew more about Ed Sopcak’s discovery. But I did not know how to reprogram water to make it a healing agent. Years went by. Then I attended several summer conferences of the Tesla Society. Following the discoveries and inventions of Nikola Tesla, these yearly conferences are attended by hundreds of interesting “backyard” inventors and scientists. These guys really think outside the box! So I approached them for help. Within a few hours I had my answers. These wonderful minds freely exchange information, and they helped me immensely.

     Now I know how to make structured water that heals and structured water that energizes. 

     But I did not know that it would also make you happy.

      We all want to be happy. I want you to be happy. If enough of us get happy, we will change the universe. So now I am now going to give you a ebook that will tell you exactly how to make and install a water healing device in your home (maybe I should rename it a "water happy device"). The total cost of the device will be less than  $50.

6.    So what am I going to charge you for an ebook about how to structure water, that has all of this information, information about how to structure water that is the result of my twenty years of research and study? It is free to you. God has been good to me. So in appreciation to our Creator, I am passing this information along to you for free. Enjoy! Perhaps you too will pass it along. After all, we are all in this together!


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Be happy alone, at home, without a man. Be happy again  when others are suffering, in life and love. And most of all, I want to be happy with myself!