How To Prevent Age-Related Disease and Illness

Diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and more all have age-related components. There are simple lifestyle and other measures you can take to prevent these illnesses. Learn more about preventing age-related diseases and illnesses.

Arthritis and Bone Trouble (6) High Blood Pressure (58) Cancer and Aging (3) Optimize Medical Care (8) Depression and Emotions (1) Prevent Dementia (6) Diabetes and Health Aging (8) Prostate Cancer (6) Healthy Heart Aging (5)

What is Functional Decline?

Functional decline is the ability of a person to do certain things. As we age, we may experience a loss in function decline due to changes in our bodies and brain. These changes can be difficult to cope with. A healthy lifestyle will prevent or lessen many of the most typical types of functional decline.

Best Types of Healing Music

Healing music can be a great way to speed recover, reduce pain and just feel better. Find out what types of healing music are best and what the state of the research is on healing music. Make your hospital stay or sick days better by choosing the right kind of healing music.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals to Make a Change:

A goal should provide guidance and direction. Goals like ‘lose weight’, ‘eat better’, or ‘have less stress’ are far too vague and unspecific to help very much in making change. Use the S.M.A.R.T. criteria to help put more detail into your goal. Spending some time creating effective goals will be a huge help later on.

S - Specific:

·                        You must state your goal as specifically as possible.

·                        Try to put as much decision work into your goal now.

·                        Set the goal “lose 20 pounds” instead of “lose weight”.

·                        But you can do even better. Try “Lose 20 pounds by increasing my exercise to 4 times a week and reducing sugar and portion size”.

·                        Have your goal be like an instruction telling you what to do.

M - Measurable:

·                        You need to have a way to measure progress.

·                        Progress will feel good and measuring will keep you from cheating. The goal “lose 20 pounds” can be measured by a scale.

·                        Produce evidence for your progress. If your goal is to “reduce stress” create a stress measure for yourself like the number of times you get upset everyday.

·                        Keep a log and record each stressful reaction.

A - Attainable:

·                        Your goal should be meaningful to you. It should be set by you, not someone else.

·                        The goal should be inspiring enough that it motivates you to success. If you are not determined to meet your goal, obstacles will be very difficult to overcome.

·                        If your doctor says, “lose weight” and your wife says, “lose weight” but you are not inspired by this, find another goal that also improves your health while you try to find a way to become inspired about weight loss.

R - Realistic:

·                        Goals should be ambitious, but not impossible.

·                        Do not set yourself up for failure.

·                        Choose a goal that you are confident you can reach, but that will stretch yourself also.

·                        Break large goals into smaller goals.

·                        Create a plan to do all the steps you need.

T – Time Based :

·                        When will you finish your goal?

·                        You need to choose a time, the sooner the better.

·                        Saying “I will lose 20 pounds in 3 months” is good, but saying “I will lose an average of 2 pounds every week for 10 weeks” is better.

Write your goal:

Now really think about your goal. Finish the following sentence, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it.

I will [your goal here] by [how you will do the goal]. I will know I am making progress because [how you will measure the goal] [time goes here].

For example: I will lose 20 pounds by increasing my exercise to 4 times a week and cutting back on sugar and portion size. I will know I am making progress because I will lose 2 pounds a week for ten weeks.

Now evaluate your goal – is it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based? Good. Now go do it!

The link between obesity and cardiovascular mortality may be substantially underestimated, while some of the adverse consequences of being underweight may be overstated.  While numerous studies have investigated the link between body mass index (BMI) and mortality, showing that high BMI is associated with higher rates of death from cardiovascular causes, diabetes, and some cancers, inconsistent evidence suggests that low BMI is associated with increased mortality from other causes, such as respiratory disease and lung cancer. Davey Smith, from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom), and colleagues completed a study of over one million Swedish parent-son pairs, tracking the BMI of the sons as young adults with mortality among their parents. The team’s analysis shows strong associations between high offspring BMI and parental mortality from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancer; most interestingly, however, the team did not find evidence of an association between low BMI and an increased risk of respiratory disease and lung cancer mortality. 


Resetting Your Biological Clock
(It's like internal Plastic Surgery)

Resetting your biological clock is actually a combination of:

·         Slowing the rate at which you age

·         Stopping some aging processes

·         Reverse your biomarkers of aging

You can now:

·         enjoy remarkable improvements in your general health, your mood and with greater mental speed and clarity.

·         inhibit the aging of your brain cells and stop the aging system of progressive tissue injury and other related aging diseases.

·         improve your skin texture, tightness, and moisture.

·         rejuvenate your energy levels, your sexual performance, immune system vigilance and age related growth factors.

·         re-contour your body, restore muscle tone, and reduce body fat.

The results can be wonderful changes in your biochemistry enabling you to look, feel and function at new levels only enjoyed in your youth, and a better longevity centre.

With leading edge medical technology, the answer is not in a fountain-of-youth elixir, but in complex diagnostics that allow us to develop a program specifically designed for you -- and, yet, quite possible for you to achieve.

And really exciting ... is that you can maintain these achievements by reversing, stopping or slowing the aging clock for years to come.

At Los Gatos Longevity Institute, the results are priceless -- and the costs are reasonable.

Diagnostics and Testing

At the Los Gatos Longevity Institute, we are proud to be amongst the very few leaders in Aging Diagnostics (see Technology page).

We can target a specific problem or perform a thorough and comprehensive analysis. We can test your biologic aging rate and status on four levels from the physiologic to the cellular, molecular and genetic DNA levels.

At Los Gatos Longevity Institute we can determine your biomarkers of aging through computer driven testing programs, and using blood levels, body composition, including tissues, fluids, and hair, and include in this scientific modeling, your emotional patterns, exercise habits, and stress factors.

We can determine your total hormone profile more analytically and comprehensively than anywhere else. Precise levels of total and free hormones are determined and then quantitative ratios are calculated.  We can then restore and balance those levels and move the hormone ratios to more youthful ideals, thereby fortifying your body's immune and regulating systems.

We assess your complete anti-oxidant status, degree of muscle atrophy, loss of strength and skin elasticity, bone demineralization, depression of your immune responses, and lowered neural reaction time.

And, we can begin to measure some attributes of lowered cognitive functions such as age-related memory loss.

With these parameters, we at the Los Gatos Longevity Institute can derive an accurate blueprint and assessment of your aging process and condition.

From this very complex, accurate profile, we can define a precise and customized aging treatment plan.

Helping You … Grow Younger

With many new and exciting tools now available to medical science, we now know that aging is a treatable condition that can be slowed and reversed by the customized approach unique to your diagnostic profile.

Aging treatment may include a highly individualized nutritional, hormonal, and pharmacological therapy. Intervening in the aging process may involve a mix of anti-oxidants, free radical scavengers that stimulates your body's own maintenance and repair processes to make you live longer.

At Los Gatos Longevity Institute, we can strengthen your immune system, replenish declining hormone levels, maintain and repair cells and organs, all based on your individual profile.

Longevity centre: We can effect a natural approach to re-tone sagging muscles and reduce body fat … and, finally, we can expertly assist with any desired cosmetic changes for a total well rounded program.

A Newer.. Younger.. Healthier You

The results of Los Gatos Longevity Institute's program is a safe, proven, and targeted system that becomes your own effective and dramatic anti-aging program. You'll love the new younger you, and we trust that you will enjoy the periodic review of results, treatments and adjustments so you can stay younger and healthier for years to come. It is the closest we have come to the perennial quest for the fountain of youth. Live longer as a result.

Three Plans Now Available

We are now offering for the fountain of youth three Premiere Anti-Aging Plans to suit your most discriminating needs. Our Rejuvenating Plans may not be for everyone.  They are for you, who is truly seeking a proven method of revitalizing and re-invigorating your attitude, your physical strength, your sexual vitality and your mental clarity:

·         The Platinum Plan is our most comprehensive

·         The Gold Plan offers a middle range

·         The Silver Plan is our entry-level plan

To live longer, these all include extensive pre-testing and follow-up testing at regular intervals to monitor your progress.

Please feel free to call us at (408) 358-8855 for further details and rates. Or you can take just a few moments, fill out a Request for Information and we will send you a complete information packet including rates and answers to most commonly asked questions.

    It's About Time ...


The Problem: Declining hormone levels

Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT), or more precisely, bioidentical hormone therapy, is one our most frequently requested programs. We offer you a level of expertise and scope of practice unrivaled anywhere else in Northern California.

Fountain of youth: It is well known that the aging process results in lower digestive enzyme efficiency and failing hormonal vigor. This is the basis of menopause in women and the less appreciated but no less profound process of andropause in men.

We see noticeable declines in life expectancy and ageing start between age 47 and 52 in women and about 55 to 60 in men. But you may see changes even sooner with profound effects on mood, thinking, performance, motivation, decision-making and sexual fulfillment.

Our goal at the Institute is to restore these waning levels to more nearly approximate the levels and more youthful ratios to achieve the balance you experienced in your mid-thirties. That is why Suzanne Somers new book, The Sexy Years, has become such a best seller, speaking for millions of men and women.

This is how we can offer you the Super-Hormone Rejuvenation promise:

·         More youthful vigor

·         Optimum energy levels

·         Rejuvenated skin appearance and elasticity

·         Enhanced libido and sexual performance.


Why Natural or Bioidentical Hormones?

In saying Natural, we mean that the hormones prescribed for anti ageing and used in our practice are identical to the native steroids that your body produces. Thus, the newer term, bioidentical hormones. These are not foreign. Although they may be synthesized in the lab they approximate the normal actions of your own internal hormonal levels.

Women seeking wealth may be used to Premarin, which, incidentally, is an acronym for Pregnant Mares Urine — pregnant horse urine. Not very appealing is it?

And the second most commonly prescribed drug is Provera: MedroxyProgesterone Acetate. Full of well known and undesirable side effects, it is a progestin, not a true bioidentical progesterone. 

We use a compounded form of two plant-based, bioidentical estrogens (called BiEst) that your body is lacking: Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3).  We then balance that off with Natural Bioidentical Progesterone.  The balance and dosing is critical -- and all too frequently overlooked in conventional medicine.

Men also have special needs. Men need, and are prescribed, DHEA for its cardioprotective, anti-aging and cancer protective effects. We suggest various forms of testosterone replacement frequently for it strengthening and revitalizing effects.  Testosterone creme or gel, in safe doses, is being widely recognized for an increasing list of medical conditions including the "dwindling" effects of the andropausal state.  This is being popularized as "the testosterone syndrome."

But the most potent and promising hormone for longevity anti aging of all is recombinant human growth hormone ( hGH), which can be used to replace failing levels. This results in remarkably enhanced sense of well-being, enhanced libido and sexual performance, increased skeletal and cardiac muscle mass, and improved skin elasticity and appearance.

This is our most powerful and advanced program.

Ask us if you qualify for this new and exciting modality.


Solution: Balanced Therapy

The natural bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy (NHRT or BHRT) program here at the Institute is based on the notion that none of these individual hormones exist in isolation. Rejuvenation involves the carefully balanced replacement of multiple hormone levels.

Our real expertise in life expectancy (ageing) is providing a total replacement program based on sophisticated free  and total (protein bound) blood steroid hormone levels that allow us to accurately see the total cascade from cholesterol to Progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, three estrogens and testosterone. When combined with thyroid, glucose, insulin and growth hormone measurements, we can derive a comprehensive picture of your present imbalance.

This anti ageing longevity program may require a few months, but the results are really quite amazing. You will feel better, have more energy and virtually without any of the side effects of the more proprietary and "standard" hormones.

It's Your Choice