Longevity anti aging S.M.A.R.T. Goals to Make a Change:

A goal should provide guidance and direction. Goals like ‘lose weight’, ‘eat better’, or ‘have less stress’ are far too vague and unspecific to help very much in making change. Use the S.M.A.R.T. criteria to help put more detail into your goal. Spending some time creating effective goals will be a huge help later on.

S - Specific:

·                        You must state your goal as specifically as possible.

·                        Try to put as much decision work into your goal now.

·                        Set the goal “lose 20 pounds” instead of “lose weight”.

·                        But you can do even better. For anti aging try “Lose 20 pounds by increasing my exercise to 4 times a week and reducing sugar and portion size”.

·                        Have your goal be like an instruction telling you what to do.

M - Measurable:

·                        You need to have a way to measure progress.

·                        Progress will feel good and measuring will keep you from cheating. The goal “lose 20 pounds” can be measured by a scale.

·                        Produce evidence for your progress. If your goal is to “reduce stress” create a stress measure for yourself like the number of times you get upset everyday.

·                        Keep a log and record each stressful reaction.

A - Attainable:

·                        Your anti aging goal should be meaningful to you. It should be set by you, the fountain of youth and not someone else.

·                        The goal should be inspiring enough that it motivates you to success. If you are not determined to meet your goal, obstacles to longevity will be very difficult to overcome.

·                        If your doctor says, “lose weight” and your wife says, “lose weight” but you are not inspired by this, find another goal that also improves your health while you try to find a way to become inspired about weight loss.

R - Realistic:

·                        Goals should be ambitious, but not impossible.

·                        Do not set yourself up for failure.

·                        Choose a goal that you are confident you can reach, but that will stretch yourself also.

·                        Break large goals into smaller goals.

·                        Create a plan to do all the steps you need.

T – Time Based :

·                        When will you finish your anti aging goal?

·                        You need to choose a time, the sooner the better.

·                        Saying “I will lose 20 pounds in 3 months” is good, but saying “I will lose an average of 2 pounds every week for 10 weeks” is better.

Write your longevity goal:

Now really think about your goal. Finish the following life extension sentence, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it.

I will [your goal here] by [how you will do the goal]. I will know how to stay young and I am making progress because [how you will measure the goal] [time goes here].

For example: I will lose 20 pounds by increasing my exercise to 4 times a week and cutting back on sugar and portion size. I will know I am making progress in life expectancy because I will lose 2 pounds a week for ten weeks.

Now evaluate your goal – is it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based? Good. Now go do it!

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What is Aging?

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Four Habits for 14 More Years of Life

Eating fruits and vegetables, drinking moderate alcohol, exercising, and not smoking -- recent research shows that people who adopt all four habits can expect to live about 14 years longer than those who do none of them. Even doing 2 of the habits can reduce your risk of dying. Increase your longevity and life expectancy by eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, not smoking, exercising and drinking a moderate amount of alcohol.

Add 2 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables and Be Healthier

Researchers in the UK have shown that adding 2 daily servings of fruits and vegetables can increase your chances of being in good health by 11%. That is a pretty good increase for doubling your dinner veggies and eating an apple.

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Calorie Restriction May Increase Life Expectancy

Longevity can be increased in rodents and monkeys by restricting the amount of calories consumed every day while assuring proper nutrition. Researchers examined decades of studies to determine if calorie restriction can increase human life span. So far, the evidence is unclear, but calorie restriction seem to help people reduce risk of diseases.

Add 2 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables and Be Healthier

Researchers in the UK have shown that adding 2 daily servings of fruits and vegetables can increase your chances of being in good health by 11%. That is a pretty good increase for doubling your dinner veggies and eating an apple.

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Nitric oxide is an important molecule for the body. Nitric oxide is produced when the body is relaxed and calm.

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Healthy Weight and BMI Range for Older Adults

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Dealing With Death and Dying as You Age

Death and dying are, unfortunately, part of aging. Being prepared to deal with death and dying is part of healthy aging. Take some time to think about death and dying in the context of your own aging and the aging of the people you love. It might not be a fun topic, but don't let deth and dying catch you off-guard and unprepared.

When I was on vacation last summer in Italy, my country of origin, I was surprised to find two of my best friends telling me what I myself had been thinking about – and what Civic Ventures and Marc Freedman have been talking about.

I call it the third life. As I start the second half of my 50s, I suddenly realized that I was starting to take the years ahead of me as “dealing with the tail of my life,” as if I did not have much time to change things.

I also realized that we are the first generation that has a good chance at the end of their 50s to have 20 years of active life ahead of us. I realized that my generation had gained an “extra life.” Maybe it is because of “Internet-years.” Maybe it is because I have lived 20 years in the States, a culture much more prone to change that my Italian one.

Around May I started circulating a very rough manifesto to my friends. Here it is:

“We baby boomers, at the end of the 50s or beginning of the 60s, and everyone else with our spirit (we do not age discriminate) are the most powerful generation in this moment in our Western World and we are again, once more, ready to give.

“With the same generosity and idealism we had when we were in our 20s or teens, or whatever age we were when we shared the spirit of the ’60s, we are ready for our third life. We are the ones that have arrived at this age having for the first time in history a strong possibility of living 20 or so years of full active life.

“We have been there, done that, and we are ready to be old while “forever young”, or at least young enough for the next 20 years to do finally whatever we want – which is not ‘retire’ and ‘do nothing,’ but rather: give back and feed our souls.”

I couldn’t believe it when my two Italian friends spelled out their thoughts exactly as if they were quoting from Marc Freedman’s book, Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life. They are both very successful professionals and entrepreneurs, and I would have never suspected that they were thinking about a deep reorientation of their life. After all, they have lived in our very slow changing city, Milan, all their precious lives.

With my friends, we have used the words terzavitosi and terzavitaioli to define people with our attitude. Terza is third and the vitosi suffix in Italian is added to define gang members, so I think it sounds like The Third Lifers’ Gang and the suffix vitaioli is really like vitelloni, people that enjoy life a little bit a la James Dean – the Third Life beau vivants!

The feeling of coming together in a movement toward something good has never been as strong as in the 1960s. Then we were thinking about revolution on a political level, many in an utopian way. Now we have a different idea of revolution but I feel that the desire to get down to work at a civic level has increased tremendously. As a sociologist friend says, we are individually thinking about it, but not yet connecting. I feel that it is bound to happen.

The Encore experience is for me very thrilling and I hope to expand it to Italy. As we start connecting and thinking about third-life issues, it would be great to get comments from other Terzavitosi or Terzavitaioli!